Dear Friend,

It’s no easy task to infuse kosher poultry and beef products with old-world, traditional flavor while utilizing a modern production facility to maximize purity and quality.

At Agri Star, we’ve earned a sterling reputation as one of the few national processors who’ve mastered the intricacies of maintaining this seemingly delicate balance. Agri Star processes and distributes a full line of fresh poultry, beef, deli and prepared food provisions for wholesalers, retailers and food service providers, all under the strictest kosher certification standards.

Unlike other kosher processing companies, Agri Star owns its production facility – the entire process from beginning to end is controlled and monitored exclusively by Agri Star personnel, resulting in products that are more wholesome and superior tasting.

Situated in rural Postville, Iowa, Agri Star takes great pride in the quality of every product bearing its label and continues to provide customers with the best in kosher poultry and beef provisions.

Indeed, this is an unbroken tradition that we are genuinely honored to uphold - in essence, it’s a tradition of promise.

Yours truly,